Valuable Items & Collections Coverage

You know how important it is to protect your high value home. Have you thought about how important it is to protect the valuable items inside? Homeowners insurance provides some protection, but it doesn’t necessarily protect very high value items and collections. Cavignac & Associates does not want you to learn this information at claim time. Let us cover your most valuable and treasured possessions, worldwide.

Virtually any collection or valuable – wine, sports memorabilia, musical instruments, artwork, antiques, china, crystal, stamps, coins, furs and jewelry – can be covered. Moreover, the coverage is broad and includes the perils of theft, fire, earthquake, flood and breakage.

Her policies are custom designed around the things you value most and fit your lifestyle. Newly acquired items are automatically covered, regardless of where you acquire them. You can feel free to buy that wonderful art piece while you are on vacation without worrying about breakage or theft during transport home.

Scheduling your valuable items also offers some unique benefits. These policies typically offer worldwide coverage and no deductible applies in the event of a loss. Also, removing high value items from the personal property section of the homeowners policy allows the general personal property to be more accurately stated. Another benefit to scheduling valuable items is that appraisals are kept current, which helps to minimize settlement problems in the event of a loss.

If you are not sure of the value of your collection, we can help you with appraiser referrals, plus we stay on top of your account with annual reviews. We will also conduct a vulnerability assessment of your collection site to identify potential threats and minimize them. In addition, we will help you create a disaster plan so in the event of a wildfire, earthquake or other catastrophe, the damage to your collection will be minimized.

Contact Cavignac & Associates for worldwide coverage of your most valuable assets and treasured possessions. We only work with financially stable carriers who can be counted on in the event of a loss and we specialize in writing unique policies. Select our Valuable Items and Collections Insurance Coverage and rest easy knowing everything you own is protected.

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